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سيتوقف العمل على الطلبات ابتداءاً من 13 يونيو والاستئناف بعد عيد الأضحى المبارك ، كل عام وانتم بخير 


Brand: SVR
Product Description:SVR Lysalpha Purifying Foaming Gel 200ml allows to purify daily combination to oily skins.Its gentle cleansing basis contains Gluconolactone, Zinc Pca, and Tephrosia purpurea to cleanse and scrub pores efficiently, while removing impurities and sebum excess.Soap-free and lightly ..
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SVR Xerial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask 2un SVR Xerial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask 2un
Brand: SVR
SVR Xerial Peel Exfoliating Foot Mask 2un..
SR 178.25
Ex Tax: SR 155.00
Brand: SVR
Anti-perspirant with 48-hour continuous effectiveness even in extreme situations (sport, stress, etc.). Normal to excessive perspiration. Adolescent, adult. Underarms. The new Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Refill enriched with anti-odour Probiotics and anti-humidity Diatomaceous Earth, effectively re..
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Brand: SVR
SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeelis a transparent gel that has a strong action on the prevention and reduction of blemishes. This is a specific product to reduce acne caused lesions in 24 hours. It dries out and eliminates blemishes while preventing the formation of residual marks. ..
SR 110.40
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Brand: SVR
SVR XERIAL 40 Nail gel 10ml Smoothes and reduces thickening of the damaged nail. Protects the nail against environmental factors. Gel sealant specially designed for use on nails. Fragrance-free – Paraben-free. Indications Damaged and thickened nails. Ingredients actions Patented PURE UREA Technology..
SR 77.99
Ex Tax: SR 67.82
Brand: SVR
Benefits of SVR Ampoule Protect E SerumSVR Ampoule Protect E serum corrects the natural signs of aging and protects against pollution and UV rays, factors responsible for accelerating aging.Powerful combination of antioxidants and SPF30 sun protection filter complex corrects wrinkles, dark spots and..
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Brand: SVR
For all damaged and irritated skin:Droughts, redness, chacing, abrasions, seat redness, chickenpox marks, tattoos, post-act dermatologicals (peeling, laser), warm-ups, sunburn, hair removal, shaving.From birth, child, adult. Face, body, folds. External use.Cicavit+ Cream accelerates skin repair X7(1..
SR 78.00
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Brand: SVR
For sensitive combination and oily acne-prone skin. Face and eyes.Do you use makeup as a confidence-booster to cover up your blemishes? No problem – as long as you remove your makeup PERFECTLY!SEBIACLEAR EAU MICELLAIRE purifies, cleanses and removes makeup – even waterproof – in one step. Formulated..
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