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Brand: Lifebuoy
Honey & TumericLifebuoy Hand wash effectively protects your skin against germseffectively protects your skin against germs100% Stronger Skin protectionHelps keep you and your kids 1 step ahead of infectionsSuper fast handwash for super fast kids: Germ Protection in just 10 secondsLifebuoy is the..
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Brand: Lifebuoy
Lifebuoy's Lemon Fresh hand wash is infused with refreshing and zesty lemon juice, keeping your hands fresh. Lemons are one of nature's top sources of citric acid and have long been known for their powerful natural antibacterial properties.Ordinary Soap takes up to 1 minute to kill germs – but do Ki..
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Brand: Lifebuoy
Hand washing with soap is the best way to avoid infections and keep your family healthy. However, ordinary soap may be harsh on skin and repeated hand washing may leave your hands dry and damaged. Your sensitive skin needs a cleanser that is tough on germs, but soft on your skin. That's why we creat..
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Brand: Lifebuoy
Lifebuoy New Sea Mineral & Salt handwash is a refreshing handwash with a special formulation containing sea mineral, a natural antibacterial and antioxidant! Lifebuoy Sea Mineral & Salt handwash will keep your hands healthy and clean. So now stay one step ahead of infections and keep your ha..
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Brand: Lifebuoy
Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Wash makes hand washing quicker and more effective than ever before! Ordinary Soap takes up to 1 minute to kill germs – but do Kids wash their hands for 1 whole minute? Not ours! The Total 10 handwash contains advanced germ protection with Activ Silver Formula, and gives 99.9%..
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