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سيتوقف العمل على الطلبات ابتداءاً من 13 يونيو والاستئناف بعد عيد الأضحى المبارك ، كل عام وانتم بخير 


This Fantasies Body Spray makes you feel as if you are always roaming in your favorite fruit garden The spray contains the sweet fruity scent of strawberries which makes you feel fresh and energetic all day long Its large 236 ml capacity allows its continuous use for weeks Despite its large capacity..
SR 40.00
Ex Tax: SR 34.78
This Body Spray for women provides the earthy and woody scent of exotic musk and lasts long The Fantasies Exotic Musk Body Spray is made from Musk which is known for its warm and animalistic aroma Musk is a natural ingredient and therefore provides a distinct aroma that seems to come from your skin ..
SR 44.00
Ex Tax: SR 38.26
This is a floral woody musk fragrance for women with notes of white flowers and musk for a scent sure to delight youHow to use:Spray this perfumed body splash generously all over the body for a clean beautiful longlasting refreshing sensationWarning and cautions:Avoid spraying in eyes For ..
SR 40.00
Ex Tax: SR 34.78
This Body Spray is made from a fruity combination of raspberries apples and peaches These provide a refreshing aroma which is neither too light nor too overpowering With this fresh scent even the sunniest of days will not be able to bring down your energy and enthusiasmHow to use:Spray this perfumed..
SR 40.00
Ex Tax: SR 34.78
Body Fantasies Vanilla Body Mist - 236 ml
It has a long lasting fresh fragranceFull of delicious fruity aroma along with bright colorsAttractive touches that are hard to resist make this perfume a must-have..
SR 20.34
Ex Tax: SR 17.69
Natural Touch sensual Body spray Refreshing body spray lasts for 12 hours Remover for the smell of body sweating A fragrant body spray, gives the user a refreshing scent, a deodorant It gives the user a fragrance that lasts for at least 12 hours, does not..
SR 16.10
Ex Tax: SR 14.00
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