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سيتوقف العمل على الطلبات ابتداءاً من 13 يونيو والاستئناف بعد عيد الأضحى المبارك ، كل عام وانتم بخير 


Brand: Ducray
Ducray Squanorm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dry Hair is a gentle shampoo specifically formulated to minimize dry dandruff.This specific form of dandruff appears as fine, white or grey flakes that detach from the scalp on their own, and must be fought with specific ingredients, such as pyrithione ..
SR 94.20
Ex Tax: SR 81.91
Ducray Elution Rebalancing shampoo 200ml Ducray Elution Rebalancing shampoo 200ml
Brand: Ducray
Ducray Elution Gentle Balancing Shampoo 200ml is a shampoo that helps limit recurrence of dandruff.Its gentle cleansing base is associated with soothing active ingredients. The scalp is gently cleansed, the risk of recurrence of dandruff is thus limited.Hair Has More VolumeSofter HairGentle Balancin..
SR 76.71
Ex Tax: SR 66.70
Brand: Ducray
Ducray Kelual DS Treatment Shampoo Severe Dandruff Conditions 100ml is a shampoo that durably eliminates dandruffs and calms itching.Immmediate Action-80% ItchingLong-Lasting Result-89% Severity Of ScalesImproves Quality Of Life+74% Improvement In Quality Of LifeSafe FormulaIngredientsProduct Benefi..
SR 98.00
Ex Tax: SR 85.22
Brand: Ducray
Ducray Ictyane Emollient Nutritive Cream is a rich moisturizer especially formulated for the daily care of dry to very dry skin types, including sensitive.Deeply protective, this formula has been acclaimed for over 25 years, due to its unrivaled ability to create a protective film over the skin..
SR 117.39
Ex Tax: SR 102.08
Ducray Neoptide Anti-hair loss lotion For Men 100 ml Ducray Neoptide Anti-hair loss lotion For Men 100 ml
Brand: Ducray
Ducray Neoptide Men Anti-Hair Loss Lotion is an anti-hair loss treatment formulated to fight chronic hair loss in men.With its targeted action on the development phase of the hair, this stimulating lotion employs peptidoxyl-4 and monolaurin to boost microcirculation and normalize the hair cycle..
SR 397.45
Ex Tax: SR 345.61
Brand: Ducray
Ducray Hair Lotion Creastim Hair Loss 30 MLIt is used in cases of accidental hair loss due to stress, psychological pressure, pregnancy and breastfeedingWith a special formula of creatine that boosts the energy needed for hair growthPeptides that extend the life of hair and vitamin B complex that st..
SR 345.00
Ex Tax: SR 300.00
Brand: Ducray
Ducray Creastim Anti-Hair Loss Lotionis a completely original product that aims to minimize temporary hair loss and reactivate hair development.Infused with biotin and vitamin B5, this lotion reverses the damage caused by seasonal and hormonal changes, physical and psychological stress, and aggressi..
SR 289.19
Ex Tax: SR 251.47
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