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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order? 

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How long is the delivery time  ?

  When you see the   Label it  means that the item is stored, packaged which means faster picking and

instant shipping

 rest product : 

All orders are shipped from our warehouse within 48 hours upon receipt of your order and upon stock availability. Items are ordered to order from suppliers as soon as you place your  order and delivered when stock is available with the brand/supplier.

 your order is expected to arrive within 3 to 21 business days except Fridays ,Saturdays and public holidays from the day that your order is confirmed by


We will contact with costumer to ensure that he can receive the order

Delivery also depends on the customer's acceptance and scheduling the delivery with the U-Get team or with the shipping team. In the event that the customer cannot be contacted on the specified date, then there will be a delay in delivering the shipment without any liability on U-Get

 How to track my order ? 

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How to use Reword Points ?

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When can products be returned to U-Get?

to know all information please see Return Policy and Terms 

If my purchase refund request is confirmed, how and when will the purchase be refunded?
  •  For products that have been delivered, we will refund the full value of the product including the fees for returning the product to us (excluding fees paid to ship the product to you) and this applies in the following cases:
    If the reason for the return is due to an error on our part, such as a defective product, pricing error, or whose description is contrary to what was stated on the site, or delay in delivery beyond the agreed date, etc. Discount.
  • After confirming the safety of the returned product within 3 inspection days, the amount will be refunded as a balance in the user's wallet.
  • For products that have not been delivered, you are entitled to receive a full refund if you cancel the order within 24 hours from the date you have completed your order .

How can I use the voucher?

When you get the voucher to use: Enter the voucher code in the designated part when ordering the product. The value of the voucher will be deducted from the total value of the order.

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